According to Hebrews 4:12, "The Word of God is living AND active"!

Ever notice how you can here the same verse, or the same story over and over again, and while the truth doesn't same it challenges you in a fresh, new way.

Here at New Life Calvary our desire is to teach the whole counsel of God , and so we preach the truth (the whole truth , and nothing but the truth) in love and we go verse by verse, chapter by chapter to do so keeping in the Calvary tradition of "simply teaching the Bible simply". So, if you are checking out our site for the first time, want to check out a message you missed, or listen to a message again, then this site is for you!

The New Life Calvary Replay is the podcast from previous Sunday morning teachings of God's Word at New Life Calvary.This podcast is especially geared towards those who have missed previous services, but do not want to miss these classical teachings. These are for anyone looking to break open their Bible and hear the truth of God's Word! Thank you for joining us and enjoy these classics.

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